Privacy Policy For PIANC

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We at The Professional Insurance Agent’s Association of North Carolina (hereafter in this document identified as PIANC) understand the importance of respecting and protecting your privacy and the information we gather about you and your agency in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. What is important to you is important to us.

In the course of obtaining information to provide insurance quotations and advice, we gather certain private and financial information from or about you in the form of applications and through conversations. Some information may include, but is not limited to: name, address, federal identification number, number of employees, premium volume, other financial information, and claims history. This information may be gathered via telephone, written, e-mail or other electronic methods.

This information is shared with our carriers, with your permission, and as needed, for the purposes of obtaining quotations and placing coverage at your request. We will also share your information with very select third parties offering services that we believe will be of benefit to you. This information will not be shared with any other parties for any other purpose, except as permitted or required by law.

We store your information via physical and electronic files. We retain your information for five years. We protect your information by restricting access to nonpublic personal information about you and your company to those employees who need to know that information to provide insurance products or services to you.

All of our employees are made fully aware of PIANC’s security policy. They are trained to comply with all security procedures including the correct use of information processing in order to minimize any security risk. All employees are instructed to never discuss anything about a client outside of the agency with anyone, for any reason. Each employee is fully aware that failure to comply with any security procedure may result in suspension and possible termination of employment.

Your electronically stored data is secured with user ID’s and passwords. When passwords are reset, they are recorded in a restricted log, accessible only to the agency owners or their delegates. Employees are required to notify the delegates when a password is changed so the security log is correct at all times. Employees are asked to choose passwords that are resistant to attack, maintain secrecy of the passwords, and report password security violations to the delegates. When an employee no longer works for PIAVADC, their access to the system is denied and passwords are changed.

Every computer is protected with state of the art anti-virus programs and firewalls are equipped with high performance surge protection units, fire extinguishers are present and easily located in each office. Each workstation has built in timers to lock the unused station and can be re-opened only by the owner or user. Information on the main computer / server is “backed up” daily and kept off premises with a highly trusted employee.

Due to the value we place on your privacy, PIANC will periodically review and update our procedures as new threats or vulnerabilities arise.

All paper documents that are not stored are shredded. All computers that have become outdated and are no longer used are cleared of all data from the hard drive before disposal.

PIANC appreciates the trust you have placed in us and are determined to protect your information while providing a valuable service to you.