October 2023 PIANC News

From the President

“Our industry and membership are the beneficiaries of so many caring and talented professionals.”


as your President. As my time in this position comes to a close, I write this with a sense of gratitude, energy and excitement with what we have been able to accomplish since we met in San Diego last September. I look forward to continuing the good

work, alongside our talented staff, dedicated group of volunteers, committed association executives, and engaged carrier partners that collectively bring such value to our growing membership!


One of the greatest experiences was the opportunity to visit, engage and experience the many conferences and in person meetings across the PIA footprint. From Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota, Indiana, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, Connecticut,

New York/New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, (soon Florida, and of course those I wasn’t able to attend) I was met with energized and dedicated young agents, “seasoned” agents eager to share their experiences, and carrier partners wanting to offer their resources to grow our industry. I am forever grateful for the generous welcome and passion that

went into each class, trade fair, session or networking event. Our industry and membership are the beneficiaries of so many caring and talented professionals.


While our industry is in a state of chaos, it’s never been a better time to be an independent agent. The M&A landscape, volatility of the reinsurance market, working with the NAIC, and having open lines of communications with our respective insurance commissioners and their departments

— along with our national legislative efforts — have emphasized the absolute value, need and necessity for PIA being “one voice” for the betterment of our industry and value to our members.


This good work and consistent, meaningful progress is testimony of the foundation built by past leadership. My personal thanks to Past Presidents Keith Savino, Dennis Kuhnke, Wayne White, and Tony Curti. It’s been an honor to serve under your leadership, as well as with Andy Harris and Jeff Parmenter for their counsel and advice. Our CEO, Mike Becker, along with the talented National Staff, continues to provide best-in-class resources, support and vision that will help us elevate our pillars: Inform, Educate, Advocate and Protect.


I am now confident and excited to hand the gavel over to my friend Rich Savino at our fall meeting, as I know that he and the Officers that follow will continue to push PIA to greater heights. I wish you all safety and prosperity.

Gerald F Hemphill, CIC, LUTCF August 2023



Gerald Hemphill,
PIA National Past President

Meet Saray Uribe: Agent of the Year, PIANC

Who: Who are you?

I am a Cuban-American immigrant passionate about insurance, dedicated to helping the Hispanic community in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, especially small business owners.

What: What is your specialty?  Construction, I'm amazed by the specialty of building any structure from the ground up. That's an amazing and marvelous thing.

Where: Based on where you live/work, how does your location help you grow your business?

It helps enormously as it presents a great opportunity as the Charlotte Hispanic population has been growing significantly in recent years. The construction industry in this area has been experiencing a booming phase too. There is a substantial percentage of Hispanics employed in construction who seek insurance professionals to help them with their construction businesses and can communicate in their native language.

When: When did you first start in insurance?

Back in 2006, as a front desk personnel in a Nationwide agency, that became an independent agency later.

Why: Why insurance and what is your passion about it?

I fell into insurance, I didn’t choose it. But once you fall into insurance you can’t get out. For me, insurance is fascinating, the more you learn, the more you want to know; and the more you realize that still there is an ocean to know. It’s a never-ending profession, and the continuing learning experience is attracting and captivating.

How: How do you approach your business?

Using the protection approach. Everyone needs insurance, but most people only aim to pay the minimum price. However, only a few individuals genuinely prioritize protection. Approaching customers with this concept is challenging. We currently live in a society that favors quick solutions, effortless transactions, inexpensive products, and rapid outcomes. However, when you engage with a customer, particularly in my area of expertise, and explain the significance of protection, then the concepts of risk and insurance gain importance, and the scenario alters.

Why 2: How long have you been a PIA Member?

Since 2021 that I first heard about it, a bit over 2 years.

What factors convinced you to join PIANC?

The CPIA designation, the value of the classes, the knowledge that can be provided to an independent insurance agent. Also, the networking opportunities; isn’t it great to know more insurance professionals and network with them? Learning from each other?

What have you gotten out of PIA as a member?

Knowledge, networking, I feel that I have grown professionally. The conferences provide incredible information to put in practice in my career.

Tell us one thing that your team would say about you if I asked them

They will tell that they work with the most resilient person they have ever met. That’s the message I transmitted to my team. Life has many upside downs, but we can’t give up.

Saray 13 - 4 - Copy

Saray Uribe,
Agency Owner, CharSan Insurance & Consulting

Save the Date Aug. 21 22 2024 NC

Treat BORs the Way They Should Be Treated 

While securing business via a broker of record (BOR) might not be an everyday occurrence for your agency, it is somewhat common. There are many reasons why quality agencies have had success getting a signed BOR – such as knowledge of the particular class of business or that the agency’s new client simply outgrew the capabilities of their current agent/broker. However, there is still much more work to do when you successfully secure an account via BOR.

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Floodplain Education

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a Federal program, established by Congress in 1968, that allows property owners to purchase federally-backed flood insurance within communities that participate in the program.  In return for this insurance protection, participating communities implement floodplain measures to reduce flood risks to the new development.  Through this program, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and participating communities are able to reduce future flood losses.

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Welcome New and Renewing Members and Partners

New Agency Member

  • Pethel Insurance Group
  • Malcolm R. Fields Insurance Services

Renewing Agency Members

  • Murray White Insurance Agency
  • The Pentagon Group
  • Warren Coble & Associates
  • DJBB/Wooten Insurance Agency
  • Hutch Ham Insurance Agency

PIANC Membership

PIA is your resource to help your agency grow and prosper.  We provide quality education, effective advocacy to protect your agency and our industry, networking and leadership opportunities, as well as insurance coverages for your agency.

PIANC offers four types of membership:

  1. Agency Main
  2. Agency Branch
  3. Additional Voting
  4. Retired
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From PIA National

Cyber Security Insurance

PIA Partners with Propeller

PIA is proud to partner with Propeller to offer a fully automated, instant issue surety bond solution.


By offering a white-labeled surety bond platform backed by "A" rated carriers, Propeller makes it easy to search for, purchase, and distribute bonds while earning a competitive commission and growing your surety revenue through a lead generation-based model.


Agency Perks:

  • 30% Commission on all bonds, new and renewal: Contract, Commercial and Fidelity.
  • Performance Plus Program offering up to $1MM in credit-based underwriting for Contract Bonds.
  • Book Roll Bonus Program providing agents a large bonus in addition to the 30% commission on bond purchases for rolled books of business.
  • A library of 7,000 bonds available with dozens more being added each month.
  • Free access to technology, surety markets, and surety experts allowing your agency to become a great bonding resource overnight.
  • An MGA licensed in all 50 states.
PIA Propeller

PIA Partners with Ascend

From billing to premium financing to distribution of commissions and carrier payables -- PIA and Ascend have you covered! 


Free to Use - No Subscription Fees:  let your customers decide how they want to pay - Credit/Debit Card, ACH, Wire


One-Click Premium Financing:  automatically built into the checkout experience without any extra back and forth.

Instant Commissions:  receive your commissions in 24 hours.

Simplify Carrier Payables:  minimize time spent figuring out commissions and carrier payments.

Full Transparency:  get notified when clients pay and markets are funded.

PIA Ascend

Introducing Winning@Customer Retention

Demonstrating the value of working with an agency is key. That’s where Winning@Customer Retention comes in. It's a new program from the PIA Partnership designed to help agencies improve customer service and retention. We’ve pulled together resources to help track client retention rates, segment, and communicate with customers.

The program puts spotlight on technology and solutions that play a big part in improving customer communications, referrals, and enabling agencies to select the right solutions and be proactive. Winning@Customer Retention includes a mix of online materials and tools and in-person and virtual sessions and events.


In the event of cyber business interruption, insurance covers loss and costs in excess of normal operating expenses required to maintain the business and restore operations.

PIA National is happy to introduce the PIA 401(k) Program. It is a turn-key, low-cost solution for agency owners and their employees and performs over 90% of administrative tasks by becoming your retirement department support team.

The PIA 401(k) Plan provides what employees want and what independent agents need to deliver it, in an efficient and cost-effective way.


In an increasingly virtual world, it’s critical that you know how to build relationships online. That’s why PIA National has launched its latest member benefit, The Agent Experience.

"We’ve built this tool to expand your views about building relationships in a virtual world—and to provide access to resources that will help."

”Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind."

Neil Armstrong