Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina is an association positioned to meet the needs of all insurance agencies. We understand that the industry is changing, and we are willing and excited to change with it. Our goal is to enhance the members’ ability to prosper, to represent the members’ interests and to identify and address consumers’ needs.

A partnership between PIANC and your agency can protect your agency’s legislative interests, provide potential markets, equip you with agency management tools, offer quality continuing education at discounted prices/ free, offer the most competitive E&O rates and the broadest coverage available. We keep your success as our goal.

We invite you to look us over, ask questions, and join us as we work together to make the Agency Marketing System in North Carolina stronger and better.

Member Benefits

When you become a member of PIA NC, you also become a member of PIA National and receive benefits from both memberships including:

  • Educational classes
    • CPIA classes at member rates
    • Discounts on other classes throughout the year
    • Discounted registration at Annual Conference
  • Access to E&O insurance through Utica National Insurance and other admitted and non-admitted carriers
  • Access to umbrella and cyber liability coverage
  • Access to Attune
    • Web based quoting / binding for BOP, WC, Excess Liability
    • “A” Rated
    • Normal BOP classes and will write coastal (with wind 1,000 ft from water)
    • Direct contract – submit paperwork for appointment
    • PIA Members get higher commissions
    • 15% commission on BOP and Excess
    • 12% commission on WC (10% renewal)
  • Access to various markets
    • PIA Market Access Program with InsureZone
    • Help with Agency Management systems, Rating systems, Agency Agreement reviews, ACORD forms end user license.
    • Trade Fairs
    • PIA Branding program
    • PIA will work on your behalf to address legislative issues facing our industry
    • Up to date Covid 19 resources and guidelines

Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina Membership Agreement and Ethics Statement

WITH THE PUBLIC to provide my clients with a better understanding of insurance; to analyze the needs of my clients, recommending coverage to meet their needs, to the best of my ability; to render service as should be expected from a professional insurance agent; to work with national, state, and local authorities to heighten safety and reduce loss in my community; to take an active part in contributing to the public good of my community; to recognize the insurance business as an honorable profession, affording me opportunities to serve them.

WITH THE COMPANIES to respect authority vested in me on behalf of the companies I work for and with; to never withhold information that may be detrimental to my companies’ sound risk taking; to provide them with credible information for effective underwriting; to use care in the selections of risks; to expect fair treatment from the companies I work with.

WITH THE OTHER MEMBERS to maintain friendly, working relations with other agencies; to make no false statements, misrepresentations or omission of facts; to compete with them honorably and fair; to work with my other professional insurance agents for the betterment of the insurance business; to adhere to strict observance of all insurance laws as they apply to the conduct of my business.

WITH MYSELF to realize that only by unselfish service can the insurance industry have the public confidence it merits; to always seek to elevate the standards of my occupation; to inspire others to do likewise; to believe in the insurance business and its future. WITH PIANC to do my part to uphold and build the independent agency system; to pledge my support to right principles and oppose bad practices in the business; to recognize the independent agency system as the instrument through which insurance attains its most effective distribution and as the developer of insurance to its present place in the economic fabric of our nation; to respect the distinct rights in our business, of the Public, of the Insurance Companies, and of PIANC.