About Us


PIANC Mission Statement

Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina or PIANC is the North Carolina affiliate of Professional Insurance Agents, a national organization with headquarters located in Alexandria, Virginia. CAPIA (PIANC) originally founded in the 1930’s was rechartered under the new name, Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina in 1999. It is now incorporated as a 501c(6) not-for-profit trade association.

PIANC is formed to enhance the members’ ability to prosper, to represent the members’ interests, and to identify and address consumers’ needs.

This association is owned by the members and operated by a board of directors. It is governed by its articles of incorporation and bylaws.

PIANC strives to provide members with educational resources and information, to do all things necessary to facilitate the work of its members, and to serve members’ business needs. We promote high ideals and ethical standards throughout the insurance industry. We disseminate information to the public concerning the role and services performed by its members, and we represent the interests of its members before the various governmental and regulatory bodies.